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Land Clearing

Why would you even want your land cleared? There are many reasons, such as building a road or fence in an area where trees are growing. Maybe it's because you need to survey land, or because clearing land is proven to make it safer.


Either way, we are equipped to do exactly that, whether your project is big or small.

Forestry mulching: a land clearing method that uses a single machine to cut, grind, and clear vegetation.

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What are the benefits of forestry mulching?

Clearing land isn't just about aesthetics, it's about making your property your own. In particular, forestry mulching leaves behind a nutrient rich ground cover, doesn't damage the root system, removes stumps down to a subsurface level, and above all else is efficient- saving you time and money. Beyond these great advantages to you personally, this method is environmentally friendly, and does not require any burning.

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Can I choose to keep some trees?

Yes. We provide selective land clearing, down to the individual brush or tree. At the end of the day, we will remove exactly what you want and nothing more.

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What is the point of survey line clearing?

You need a clear line of sight to demark fence lines, property lines, and survey lines. By clearing out this area in advance of a project, you save yourself and the construction company time as well as money.

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Can I get my stumps completely removed, rather than just to a subsurface level?

Yes, and sometimes it's even recommended. Stumps tend to decay over time, but it can take about 10 years. While this is great for certain projects, if you are building fence in the area stumps sometimes need to be removed completely in order to make room for fence posts. However, most of the time simple subsurface removal is the better option, as it's cost effective.

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